Hermit cities powered by decentralised autonomous organisations on the ethereum blockchain.

A large, beautiful and otherwise uninhabited area. Small, sturdy, comfortable micro dwellings with electricity provided by the sun. Weekly deliveries of Soylent, fresh water and other necessities by drone. And for the cypherpunks that wish for it, a stable internet connection.

The first community on Mars will not be enabled by a state, nor a private company, it will be a Hermicity.

Human beings were social creatures by necessity. Now its optional.

A main pillar of society is the assumption that we need eachother to survive. Previously the hermit lifestyle was a dangerous and largely uncomfortable one. But with Hermicities this isn't the case anymore.

"We now have the technology to allow people to live completely alone - the pinnacle of the 21st century, built on ethereum."
- Vitalik Buterin tweets about Hermicity.

Stay in a Hermicity for as long or as little as you need. With complete and comfortable independance easily attainable, Hermicities will unlock the next boom of human progression.

Powered by a DAO, owned by the hermits.

Residency is paid for with ether to a smart contract. The smart contract will dispatch a drone, bearing supplies, from a solar powered docking station to the dwellings and will verify that services are delivered. Powering your hermit lifestyle via a DAO ensures that you can live alone with peace of mind.


The general function of this project is to make solo living accessible and compelling - stable, safe, secure, comfortable and autonomous. The project is divided into two layers.

The first layer is called Meta. Meta is a parent DAO through which anyone in the world can propose a Hermicity. Through an auction process, these future residencies are bid for with ether. By opening up the proposal process to the free market, we can ensure that a range of Hermicities are delivered with a wide variety of comfort levels, delivery items, locations and most importantly, costs of residency.

The second layer is called Reality. When a proposal is successfully funded through Meta, a new DAO is birthed to hold the resident's ether. Each Reality will be different, but built upon a standardized (yet optional) library of decentralized application code and other technologies which can be utilised by the proposers to realize their proposal.

Utilising a DAO 3.0 governance model, there is a decentralised approval process in which funds are slowly released to contractors in stages as they build the Hermicity. This process will be standardised for greater accessibility.

Get in contact if you would like to help build Hermicities.